Why People choose the Best Turtle Beach Headset for gaming?

Premium gaming headsets are dime-a-dozen, and so are the manufacturers which produce them.

But what makes a brand stand out from the competition? In the age of $9 billion e-Sports industry where professional gaming is taken very seriously, having a top-notch system can make all the difference in a kill or a save with the right audio cues.

That’s where gaming headsets enter the battle arena in online gaming.

These headsets are different in the sense that they are specialized for games. You won’t be able to enjoy crystal clear music or claim to be an audiophile with these on your head. But you will hear things which are essential for your survival like footsteps, bullet impacts, the rustling of the leaves in a forest or the sound of a pin being pulled from a grenade which could land on your character’s melon any second.


Finding the best headset gaming headset for yourself

Games have different needs of you compare it to say music lovers. It’s thus only natural that they get to own a headset that is designed for them. A headset for music lovers focuses on the music while one for gamers focuses on the sounds. Those pop sounds and gunshots will be much livelier if you own a gaming MTB headset. Talking about that, here are some things that you should note when buying one of the better gaming headsets.

  • Does it offer noise cancellation feature?
  • How good is the pop sound?
  • Do you like the design?
  • Does it run on battery? If so, what is the average running time on one single charge?
  • How much does it cost compares to other gaming headsets with the same features?
  • How long is the warranty and do they offer free replacement?
  • Does it have a microphone?
  • is it wired? You could do with a wireless one here for gaming.


Knowing the answers to these few things can help you get the one you need and ensure that you don’t have too worry about buying another gaming headset.

Turtle Beach Recon 50X

What Makes Turtle Beach Headsets Great for Gaming?

Naturally, there are quite a few companies which boast of manufacturing professional gaming headsets, to capitalize on this opportunity.

But only a few strike it big.

Big names such as Corsair, ASUS (Republic Of Gamers) and Logitech have already carved a slice of the market share. But they have not kept with the times, in the sense that they have not managed to provide additional value with their products.

And this is the gap where Turtle Beach has made it big.


Why are Turtle Beach headsets so popular?

Aside from the fact that they make professional gaming headsets? They provide incredible value with their products. At affordable prices, no less!


Great sound quality

Turtle Beach has concentrated its efforts on sound quality as the foremost priority in their designs. Many of their headsets comprise of 50 mm drivers for an incredible quality of sound, matched out only by professional studio headphones with a higher frequency response. However, they do provide 7.1 Surround Sound compatibility, so that’s something.

Trust the Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing technology to hear faint, but important sounds like reloads and vehicle engines in the distance, to deliver the enemy a nasty counterattack!


Comfortable to wear

The second thing they are aware of and have capitulated on is the fact that gaming headsets should be extremely comfortable. Gaming sessions can stretch from 7-8 hours at the very least to a ridiculous 15-20 hours marathons.

If your ears are going to take the punishment in terms of sounds, then the physical comfort should cancel that out. Turtle Beach headsets have earpads with a very breathable and soft fabric, which takes care of all the sweat generated during these long sessions.

The frames on these headsets are also quite tensile, yet gentle. This is very important because feeling the ‘squeeze’ on your earlobes can get quite painful after a while.


Easy to wear even if you’ve glasses on

But that’s not all! They have also considered the anguish of people wearing eyeglasses. They have developed a special technology called Prospecs™. This technology allows you to wear spectacles and Turtle Beach headsets at the same time without feeling the pressure on your temples.

But many argue that these features should be standard for any headset meant for serious gamers. Turtle Beach knows this and has taken strides in providing additional value in the form of multi-platform compatibility and an amazing amount of controls on some of their headsets.

Turtle Beach

Can be used with all types of gaming

It’s no surprise that gaming is not related to computers anymore. Consoles are serious business too and headsets need to be compatible with systems like PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch among many others. Turtle Beach has headsets which can seamlessly communicate with your computers or these consoles to provide a truly multi-platform enjoyment experience. This is achieved partly through wireless Bluetooth technology which is fast becoming standard and the right set of drivers.


Customise easily, as you need

The customization is also a big thing now, with RGB lighting and multiple sound quality presets, vibration feedback controls and microphone adjustments being just a few. Turtle Beach provides a stylish and multi-functional rack with a host of controls designed to help you customize your listening and speaking experience.


Great customer service

And that’s not all! Add to it the fact that their customer service is absolutely top notch!

Where you have to jump through numerous hoops to get your sets through RMA procedure for other companies, Turtle Beach truly sets the bar higher by guiding you through the entire process. That’s only if you get a defective headset or a DOA, which is a rare occurrence for Turtle Beach!


Should you get one?

If you’re looking for one gaming headset that has it all, you don’t need to look farther than this! It’s a great choice and offers all that you need from a good gaming headset.

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