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5 Tips on Choosing the Best Turtle Beach Headphones for Gamers

We, as gamers are a nit-picky bunch. We need the best of the best equipment out there.

We have the ultimate system to run the games on, the last 4K and 8K monitors to gouge on that graphical bliss and the best controllers to make those headshots as perfect as possible.

But what about our ears?

We need the best in headphones too! If you can build a killer rig with custom liquid cooling loops, then you can quickly decide a killer headset as well.

And Turtle Beach is the go-to brand for professional gaming headsets.

How do I know which one to buy?


The Top Things to Know Before Buying a Turtle Beach Headphone

Here is a list of reviews from Ironhorsetrading that describes everything of the things that you can expect – or cannot – if you are looking to buy a Turtle Beach headphone.

Get set for some great gaming sounds, which can help you get a lifelike gaming experience like no other.

You can also experience noise cancellation technology in some of these headphones.

Some of the headphones come in attractive designs, and you may want to check out that isn’t just comfortable to wear but great to look at too.

Do remember that Turtle Beach headphones for gamers are for gaming only and not for the music lovers. If you are looking for music headphones, you need to search elsewhere.


The Top Steps to Get the Best Turtle Beach Headphones for Yourself

Turtle beach Ear Force Elite PRO

Right to the point, eh? Well, you can read the top 5 or top 10 reviews littered around the internet. Or, you can choose yourself with some handy tips provided here!

So how do I do that?

Right to the point, eh? Here are five things you need to check when comparing the sets from Turtle Beach.


1. Audio Quality:

If you consider yourself a gamer, then this is the first thing you should be looking for. Pay particular attention to the frequency range of the headphone.

How? Multiplayer games have evolved in graphics, sure. But audio has changed too. Now you can hear more clearly than you used to. Remember getting knifed by a griefer in CS 1.6 because you did not understand the footsteps? Well, now you can.

Even silenced weapons are not exactly silent. They do make ‘some’ noise. Besides, you can also hear bullet hits and ricochets on walls to pinpoint your nemesis in deathmatches, team deathmatches or CTFs.

Forget the price tag and go for the best audio quality. It might just make a substantial difference in your KDR.

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But if you are a casual gamer who likes walk-in-the-park RPG games or simulators, you may consider a lower priced one or opt-in for other, additional features with a little compromise in quality.


2. Wired or Wireless:

f you are a lazy bum who wants to enjoy Skyrim on a couch or need to be up close and personal for some Fortnite action with your monitor is up to you. Just check for Bluetooth compatibility if you want the wireless one.

Turtle Beach offers a wide variety of selection in both categories, so it’s a simple decision.

Be warned though. Wireless headsets eat up batteries really fast. This is especially true of earphones which offer RGB lighting or vibration/force feedback. So be prepared to throw cash around in your local electronics store on a regular basis!


3. Mic, noise reduction and echo cancellation:

earforce px22 turtle beachWhen you are out there with your team in intense firefights, you need clear communication and isolation from any other sounds around you. Besides, the mic should be able to pick up your voice and then transmit it with high fidelity as well.

The in-game chat is always an option, but would you rather be trigger-happy or would you type an essay in the conversation while your character gets mowed down?

These factors should be on your priority list when browsing the Turtle Beach selection. Otherwise, the only sound you’ll be hearing is the unique selection of swear words from your teammates for being completely useless.

Also, be wary of echoes generated by the mouthpiece. Some of them are quite sensitive and may pick up residual sound from the headphones. That’ll annoy your teammates more than a noob sprint.



4. Comfort:

Considering the length of your gaming sessions to be 7-8 hours on average, you need to ensure that the earpieces won’t give you a headache or numb ears. If you suffer from both after a lengthy session, the only thing priceless will be the expression on your face.

So size ‘em up before you purchase them. Additionally, you need to gauge the headband for flexibility. It decides how snug or loose that headphone rests against your ears. Fortunately, Turtle Beach headphones boast superior comfort so that you can rest easy. Or check yourself in one of the retail stores before actually buying one.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro

5. Price:

Why did I put price last? Well, it matters of course. But you shouldn’t put it before the things mentioned above. Even while looking at the budget that you have in mind, you wouldn’t want to compromise on any of what we have discussed before.

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You might end up paying more for a different headphone set really quickly. Worse, you might even have to pay for your ear injuries for picking the wrong one!

The best turtle beach headset offers headphones ranging from $30 at the entry level, to $300 and above at the end. This is an excellent range, and you can settle for piece priced anywhere in between.

So there, you have it!

This should make your window shopping experience at Turtle Beach much easier. As always, check for warranties and RMA procedures, so that you can promptly return your faulty headphone or have it replaced.

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