What are the best surround sound wireless headphones

How will you choose wireless surround sound headphones?


Sure, you could go in for noise cancellation headphones but if you are looking for some great music, you don’t just need bass and treble. Apart from that, you also need surround sound, which you could only get in a good surround sound headphone.

Surround sound headphones have gained wide popularity because they are ideal for the perfect movie or gaming experience. Top notch earphones will provide an amazing music listening experience, and professional headphones will provide superb audio quality, but they are not at par with surround sound headphones. In short, surround sound headphones offers rich and detailed audio which makes it feel like you are inside your game or your movie.


What are the Best Surround Sound Headphones?

Sennheiser RS 165These headphones give a sound field of full three sixty degrees, immersing the gamers and enticing them for natural responses to the gaming simulations. If there is something happening behind you, which cannot be seen on screen, can be heard now.

If something is moving on your blind sides, you can hear the footsteps. They make the gaming landscape natural and enthralling.

There is a wide range of surround sound headphones in the market to choose the market to choose from. Let us discuss some features you could consider before making the purchase which should be your answer to what are the best surround sound headphones.


Your duration of use

Surround sound headphones are available in both wired and wireless variety. The wireless ones, even though flexible have time constraints because they are powered b batteries.

Dedicated gamers and movie watchers have activities of long hours. The wireless headphones with a short life could run out of charge and you would have to recharge it before you.

Not very comfortable, is it?

So chalk out your hours of use at a stretch and fins a headphone with a battery life that matches or extends your duration for use so that your game and movie marathon is not interrupted midway.


The need of a microphone

Once again you have you figure out the purpose that the microphones will serve.

If you re a gamer who plays with other gamers that include commanding the troops or communicating other instruction with your fellow players, you will need a microphone. If you want to use the headphones to video call or use with communication-based applications, you should for a model with a microphone.

If your use only bothers about watching movies and listening to music, you can choose one without a microphone very much.


Noise reduction

As for any other headphones, noise reduction is important. The audio quality of the headphones is inversely related to the background noise. The maximum output, therefore, would include noise cancellation. There are several stores which let you run a trial to find out if the audio quality including cancellation is satisfying to you. Go around these stores, try the headphones on and choose!

gaming headset

Quality of the sound

In any headphones, the surround sound comes as a feature to be activated when you need the push of a button. That apart, the quality of the sound in any headphone has the highest priority in order to be chosen. A clear and crisp audio that gives you the feeling of it coming right out of the singer or speaker and into your headphones must be there.



Your pair of headphones has to be comfortable. It is a given that a headphone giving you the best audio experience will accompany you through your long hours of a movie marathon. It will be on your team while you cry and fight and be declared the numero uno in your favorite game.

And all this is why your headphones have to be comfortable. No one wants to get up with aching ears or a depression on your head where your headband had been. You don’t want to feel like there is something on top your head for all those hours you sit near the computer r tv screen.

This is the reason why your headphones need to be made of lightweight materials, yet be sturdy. The earcups should be cushioned, soft enough to be comfortable and painless to your ear. The headband should have an adjustable length so that it is of the perfect fit.



This trails behind in priority after sound quality. You should absolutely consider while you shop for the best surround sound headphones in the market, whether or not, this particular model is compatible with your device. Yes. It may have the best noise cancellation, your perfect fit, lightweight as a feather, pillowy earbuds, a battery life twice your hours of usage and all of the above I mentioned.

If your headphones are not compatible with your device, it’ll exist as an artifact that you can put up on the wall. Some headphones mention the version of windows they work in or Mac computers. Some surround sound headphones mention their compatibility with only PlayStation and Xbox.

For wireless headphones, the connection is made through Bluetooth often. However, the rest come with drivers to be installed on the computer that is used to activate the headphones and make them functional. The software specifications, therefore, is something to be very very sure of, tend we overlook it in our quest to find the best wireless surround sound headphones.


Getting the Right Choice

Having the best surround sound headphones can help transform how your experience music itself, enabling you to do more. If you can listen to great music the way you wanted, you will be able to lead a happier life, which will in turn boost and enhance your productivity.

The question is, are you ready yet to choose the best surround sound headphones?

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