Why Razer Laptops are being so popular for gamers?

Did you know that Razer laptops once sold all their shipments at a loss, back in 2013? Their CEO Min Liang Tan admitted it an an interview and stated that their motive was not to make profits but to offer gaming to all those passionate about it.

Today, this billion dollar company is known by many gamer enthusiasts, and for a good reason.

Why are Razer Laptops So Popular Today?

Razer, a gaming community founded in the year 2005 by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Karloff, is based in California. The company has gone a long way, from starting with a very small office space to offering quality products designed only to meet the needs and demands of the gamers. Today, it has offices all around the world with hundreds of employees, and is known for its innovation. Its perfection and grit have produced a platform which connects devices and software.

Razer connects gamers of all age and styles to come together and have a great experience, a reason it has become a lifestyle brand that shows a strong value system and believes in continuously providing a great gaming experience to the players.

Razer Laptops

Why Are Razer Laptops Popular?

Razer laptops are standing out in the market because of the innovation it tries to bring in its products. The laptops are designed in a way that it is portable and have a good power backup. When it comes to gaming laptops, Razor has absolutely nailed. The specifications are just about right to make it the best one in the market.

The top-rated Razer laptops are Razer blade that is very sleek and highly compatible with VR. Next comes the Razer Blade Pro that is aesthetically appealing and powerful in features. Finally, the premium Ultrabook are endowed with advanced features that make it highly attractive for all the computer related needs and not just gaming.

The Top Reasons You Would Like Razer Laptops

Let us look at some of the strengths of this laptop over others:

1. The amazing design:

Battlefield 4Aesthetics do play an important role when it comes to getting a new laptop. You don’t want a boring looking old design. Razer laptops take care of this completely. It employs a slim CNC-aluminum chassis that has an outstanding color scheme.

The 12.5-inch Blade Stealth laptop has a gorgeous black and green color scheme that would make you fall in love with it immediately. The screen sizes may be small at times but they offer all that you would need from a good gaming laptop. Of course, you also have choices from bugger screen.

2. The incredible power:

One of the biggest advantages of Razor laptops is its power with its high-end specifications that includes NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU. It is responsible for all the power of the laptop and makes it one of the smallest laptops that are compatible with VR.

3. The Stupendous Innovation:

The Razer laptops are full of innovations. They have inserted all the functionalities in the small size laptops. They have created one of the lowest profile mechanical keyboards for its thin switches.

Moreover, they are always working towards innovation with currently trying to build a multi-screen laptop. Therefore, with Razer laptops, you should always be ready to be surprised.


What Are The Things You Can Expect?

Having gone through the strengths of these laptops, let us now look at the different features one by one:

1. The design and aesthetics:

Razer Blade ProRazer laptops are known for their design with an onyx-aluminum chassis that makes them stand out.

Their experiments with design are evidenced in the three-headed snake that is prominent on its lid. It is a perfect laptop for people who look for alternative designs.

When it comes to the thinness, no one can actually beat Razer laptops. Razer Blade Pro is one of the slimmest gaming laptops on the market that is 0.88 inches. They are the most portable laptops available.

2. Customer Service:

The customer support for Razer is helpful, and mostly you will find a friendly operator available to help you out with your problems. They also have a FAQs page online that can help you out with most of your questions.

They also have a social media and email for the company that is quite accurate in their response. It is also a reason why they are becoming so popular today.

3. Value for Money:

Razer is one of the premium brands with few but very strong products. It has gaming laptops with 12.5-inch, 14-inch and a 17-inch screen that makes it super portable and you can carry it wherever you go.

You can’t consider it a cheap buy, but you can say that they have competitive pricing. A 12.5-inch Razer Stealth starts at $899. This laptop has features like backlit keyboard and beautiful aluminum body so it can be considered value for your money.

4. Warranty on the laptops:

When it comes to warranty, almost all laptops have a similar one-year limited warranty. However, with Razer, you do get an option to buy additional one-year coverage on your laptop. For servicing, you get a free pickup and delivery.

The best thing about these laptops is that you can still avail the warranty if you have upgraded your RAM or storage as long as this upgradation does not cause any damage to the laptop. Hence, there is every reason to make this laptop a top choice.

Razer Laptops – Should You Go For One?

If you’re looking for a quality gaming laptop from a company that really cares about you, you’ve found your choice.

To sum up, Razer laptops have all the features that make it unique in its own way. This is the reason these laptops are becoming quite popular in the market today.

The company leaves no stone unturned to provide gamers just what they are looking for and creates the right brand perception by sponsoring events, and creating competitions and tournaments, earning Razer a fan following and clientele.

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