6 Reasons why you need a laptop more than your phone

What device is your first instinct to grab when you exit the front door of your house?

Mobiles are a way of life. Just because you are on the go doesn’t mean you have to stop all of your online activities or leave your work altogether. This is precisely why mobile computing has become such an integral part of our day-to-day lives today. It’s also the reason why there are mobile internet users today on smartphones than traditional desktops.

According to the statistics shared by Statcounter, there are almost 52% mobile users around the world with laptop users coming close to 43% and 4% tablet users. This clearly shows the preference of the people all across the globe when it comes to using devices for work or leisure or whatever the need might call for!

However, mobile computing has some distinct drawbacks, and this is precisely what we are going to highlight in this article.

For one, they simply can’t replace a laptop. Sure, you can take down a few notes at your meeting on the Evernote app. However, you cannot use Word easily on your smartphone. And neither would you want it, even if Microsoft offers you Microsoft Suite 360 that can run just about anywhere. You can’t also run apps like other media software tools on your laptop that you can’t on your smartphone. Additionally, smartphones have a restricted OS – something you don’t have to worry about when it comes to your laptop.

The Top Reasons You Need a Laptop Today

LaptopThe one thing that you don’t have to worry about today anymore is how heavy your laptops are too, something smartphone users had to worry even five years back. With laptops weighing less than 1 kg today, you can carry them anywhere and it doesn’t make sense to look at your smartphone to get all the work done. Additionally, there is a lot more that your laptop can do. We will take a look at the following below.

Here are six reasons why a laptop is a much better choice than a mobile!

Display and Screen

Laptops naturally have a bigger screen and display, which is why it is ideal for working on it for more extended hours. Spending a lot of time typing on a mobile or browsing the web can result in quite a bit of strain on your eyes which can result in a headache.

While mobile computing might feel attractive for shorter periods of time if you plan to spend a considerable time in front of a screen, it is recommended to carry a laptop.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is an essential consideration when it comes to the device you are using. A very basic laptop starts at a storage capacity of at least 250 GB and the more high-end you go; the storage capacity just increases.

Most notebooks also give you decent storage of at least 300 GB, a purpose that is not served on a phone. Hence, using a laptop instead of mobile becomes even more critical.

Compatibility with external devices

You can use external devices with the help of its numerous ports like USB port, HDMI port, SD Card port, etc. Therefore, laptops are more compatible with external devices like hard drives, television, woofers, speakers and much more.

You cannot possibly imagine this with your mobile phone. As a result, with a laptop, you can be relieved that you can connect just any device to the numerous ports available.

Software Use

laptopsLaptops give you an option to use and download numerous software that cannot be used on the phone. Of course, there is an app version of all the software for your smartphone, but they usually don’t provide great performance. For example, Grammarly is writing software that works perfectly on your laptop but becomes very slow and less effective when used on the phone.

A Keyboard to make your life easy

Of course, we are living in a time where touch screens are dominating all the gadgets, but typing on the screen can be tedious. At times when you need to write long articles or emails, touch screens can give you a hard time.

The comfort of typing on a keyboard is unbeatable. In such a scenario, laptops can come to your rescue. You can also use a nice mouse to navigate you through the browsers on your laptop. It is definitely a more comfortable experience than a mobile phone.

Great gaming experience

With a basic laptop, you can have a tremendous gaming experience on a bigger screen and advanced graphics. It would be hard to match this experience on your phone with a smaller screen. You can always upgrade the graphics card, processor, storage, and display, to enhance your gaming experience. Therefore, having a laptop is a must for people who love to have a nice gaming experience.

Should You Go For a Laptop?

Looking to do more at your workplace? Or to get done with school and university projects quickly? You need a good laptop.

Even if you are looking for the ultimate portable gaming experience, laptops work great. You can play the Clash of Clans well on your smartphone, or even games like NOVA but you can never play games like GTA V on your smartphone.

Even if smartphones one day do get capable to sport the same graphics – they do still lag a lot behind – they can never give you the same gaming experience. Without the screen display, the screen size and the controls of a laptop, gaming really can’t be true gaming.

As amazing as all these reasons sound, the long and short of it all is that there really is no hard and fast rule for a device. It is entirely objective and depends on an individual’s requirements and daily needs.

However, the advantages of a laptop are myriad and indisputable, and could just be what you need to be more productive at what you do!

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