JVC HAF120W Gumy Headphones Review: Better Than Stock Earphones?

The JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones are for those who are just as, if not more, excited about the headphones as they are about the new MP3 player. Yes, they load their player up with all their favorite music, but then they start looking for a headset to replace the cheap pair included in the package.

With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $14.95, we can find the JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones for under $10 at online stores. Even though they’re not as comfortable as the Marshmallows, they’re a nice improvement over the cheaper brands, without such a high price.

The design is what you would expect from any typical earbuds. The JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones are kind of little with hard, smooth round plastic earpieces that rest just inside the outer ear. They’re one size fits all- not- as you might have come to expect if you have any experience with midgrade headsets. They fit into our ears pretty securely, though, which was a relief. However, the shape and material of the JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones began to get uncomfortable after only an hour of use.

Style, though, is no sacrifice with the JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones, a fact which many MP3 player owners would consider even more important than the fit. They come in nine colors up and down the spectrum from black to red to white.

Whatever the color and shade of your MP3 player are, you should be able to find a pair of JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones to match it. The whole earphone is in color, from the shiny earbuds down the forty-inch cord to the gold-plated straight plug. The cable is rather thin at the Y, but it includes a slider to keep it from tangling, and durability seems to increase in the lower half.

Sound quality is nothing worth talking about. You get what you pay for with the JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones, as opposed to the impressive offering of the Marshmallows. This was observable in many different genres, going back and forth for various pop, rock, and hip-hop numbers. It just depends on the song.

Necessarily, the JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones will give you a beautiful look and somewhat better performance for an affordable price. If you like the turn up the bass, these headphones won’t give you much satisfaction. Since there’s no ear seal, the low-end kind of disappears, lost to the surroundings. The JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones only slightly beat stock earphones.

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