How to buy the best headphones for skiing?

Wondering what to look for in skiing headphones?

Are you planning to jam your favorite tunes while shredding some powder? Many people love winters, especially since you can try out a good many winter sports. A favorite among all is skiing, and you could try it out too, no matter where you are.

The question though is, even if you get yourself all the skiing gear, you sure would be missing that one thing – your headphone.

Usually, headphones may not work in such cold conditions, and you may need one to talk to your fellow friends. Bluetooth headphones are your choice, but before you take the plunge, you need to know just how you can make the right decision.

Well, in this blog, you will learn what features to search for in the best headphones for skiing. They will definitely change your way to run down the slopes.

 Ski And Snowboard Season Evolve

The Top Things to Keep in Mind

We will talk about a few things that you need to take care of first.

  • Know that you need a different pair of headphones than what you would need normally
  • Know that you can’t buy just about any headphone when it comes to skiing
  • Know that you need headphones that are durable but also offers clear, crisp sounds


How to Find the Best Skiing Headphones for You?

To ascertain what the best skiing headphones are, researchers asked the most experienced skiers for a consensus. Most of them agree with some points. Let’s see.

Take notes of the features you should always look for when choosing the best audio helmet.


Know What The Best Options For You Are


– The best options for you are in-ear headphones and built-in helmet headsets.

There are other models you should avoid because they are annoying. For instance, you shouldn’t get a pair of over-the-ear headphones because they are difficult to deal with when being in use.

Nonetheless, the first two options suit better. You won’t run the risk of getting them broken in your first attempt down the hill.


– Go in for ones that are trusted options

As for the best headphones, you should stick to the most prominent ones that are known for their trustworthiness.


– Go in for comfort, as that is important here

In-air versions, truthfully, does the trick but helmet with inbuilt mics fit better. The best models, according to most reviewers are ones that offer Inbuilt mics, which are comfortable, mainly when used for this kind of extreme activities. It gives the hand-free option. But these models are more costly though.

For protection, use earbuds and keep them in the pocket. By doing so, you will prevent these gadgets from breaking down due to shocks.


What are the Other Important Features?

We will now take a look at a few other notable features that you would need to take note of, to make the right choice.


1. Does it fit underneath the gear?

If you use a helmet for skiing, the best alternative for you is a model that fits underneath that gear. The headphones shouldn’t block all sounds, but they must be good enough to block out enough of it so you can listen to the tunes without disruption.


2. Don’t go in for noise canceling ones

For this time, avoid purchasing the best noise cancellation headsets because you can end up running over somebody that comes your way. Aside from that, check if the headphone has a cord that includes a volume device because it eliminates the need of grabbing the gadget that is inside your pocket while skiing.


3. You need a waterproof one

Ever wear a helmetYou may want to go in for just about any headphone. Here is one word of advice – don’t.

You need headphones that are waterproof. This is obvious because the sport you will be doing is aquatic. It should be resistant to ice and water splashes.


4. Look at the design

The design is obviously another factor that you should consider when buying this audio device. In the market, there are all kinds of headphones most of which are manufactured by very prestigious companies like Steinheisser and Shue.


5. Don’t buy an extra large one

Also, these objects come in different shapes and sizes and price varies depending on those features. Preferably, buy one small enough to fit under the helmet. Earbuds are inserted in the ears, and they are not annoying when the user is rushing.


6. Go for Wireless when possible

Today, wireless headphones are becoming popular around the world. Since the launch of the first model, they have been sold like hot cakes because they provide too much comfort and they are versatile. There are of course as many advantages as disadvantages to having these headphones.


One of them is that they are cordless. This is a significant advantage especially because no cord will get in your way when doing snowboarding. Nevertheless, the sound quality that these tools provide is not as good as the one delivered by an ordinary headset. But remember that you will be practicing the sport.

Therefore this feature is not so important indeed. If you are looking for a device like this for travelling, prefer those with cables. Utilize wireless models for snowboarding and waterboarding. Wireless headphones keep your hands free at all times.

The Best Earbuds for Skiing


The above features are a must-have for any skiing headphone. They must be lightweight, not so broad and flexible.

Look for a small one. Bear in mind that this is a tool that shouldn’t be a distracting factor for you in the middle of the activity. Features like an inbuilt microphone can facilitate things a little more. Wireless and connectivity are other factors well.

In fact, they are a priority considering that they can get connected to Smartphones and other devices via Bluetooth.

When are you going skiing next?

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