How to pick the best gaming laptop for a PRO Gamer

Gaming Laptops are a different beast than the typical notebooks due to their variance in prices, components, and colorful designs.

You can enjoy playing games such as Wild Hunt, The Witcher, and Grand Theft Auto V by getting the most appropriate gaming laptop. You want to play your game with a laptop that has an attractive design, one that offers chassis with multicolored keyboards and more aggressive lines.

You must be Wondering how to search for the right gaming laptop. Well, here are a few quick tips you can consider as you set out to purchase a gaming laptop. You should avoid gaming laptops with touch screens because they will drain your battery and your pocket too.

Besides, you need to feel comfortable when playing your game so you should settle for a soft keyboard. Thanks to the new GPUs, I enjoy gaming faster than before when mobile chips were being used.

You need to buy the right gaming laptop to enjoy your game, and you can follow these guidelines that I used when purchasing my gaming laptop.

Portable gaming laptops

Gaming Laptops

Gaming Systems have various portability levels ranging from regular laptops to lift with your knees. That means that powerful laptops are less portable than less powerful gaming laptops.

Best Portability: laptops such as the Razer Blade are 13 or 1inch laptops, which are suitable for players who are always on the move. They don’t have powerful GPU or CPU like Notebooks of the same size. A gaming laptop of 14 inches does not have enough space to dissipate all the heat though it is portable.

Medium Portability: players like me who want to use their gaming notebooks on their laps and carry them arou7nd regularly should opt for a 15-inch laptop like the OriginPC Econ15-S. It weighs between 4.5 pounds to 7.0 pounds, with a battery life of five hours.

Minimal Portability: a gaming system with a 17 or 18-inch display is appropriate for players who intend to leave their laptops at home on the desk. You can also move around with the system, but only in between rooms. The laptops within this range are mostly the most powerful gaming laptops because they have enough space to accommodate heat-generated components. However, they are cumbersome to move around because they cannot stay unplugged from the power source for a long time.



You don’t want to have a gaming laptop that has beautiful graphics and butter-smooth Frame rates and a display that is not appealing. Here are a few guidelines I have used in the past to purchase a gaming laptop that has the best screen.

Touch Screens: gaming players who are fond of playing Cut the Rope and Candy Crush need to buy a gaming laptop that offers touch screens. However, the feature is not as necessary for most gaming PCs as it is for 2-in-1s or convertible systems.


Resolution: I implore you to love yourself more by aiming higher than gaming laptops with less than 1920 * 1080. That should be the minimum resolution for any gaming laptop unless you want to settle for less. You can also consider gaming laptops with a higher resolution that offers beautiful details and colour.


Matte or Glossy: you can choose to buy gaming laptops based on whether you like the display glossy or matte. Glossy lovers swear by the vibrant colours offered on the screen of their laptops while team matte swears by enjoying gaming without distracting reflections.


OLED: you Want to enjoy gaming by buying an organic light-emitted diode panel, which is made up of organic compounds film that emits light after the introduction of electric current. I can swear by the power-efficient and thinner panels that offer incredible contrast and vibrant colour when I am gaming.

Asus Display


Gaming Notebooks need to be faster so that the player enjoys the game. That is why most players buy SSDs, especially the new PCIe cards that offer sweltering file-transfer speed. The boost ion speeds ensure that you enjoy faster game load times and reduces hitching, which is the annoying pause when drivers fail to produce assets fast enough to keep up with the pace of the game.

I highly recommend gaming players to buy at least a 1TB since sometimes SSD can be out of most players’ budgets. Besides, I would suggest you buy a configuration that has both a hard drive and an SSD. That will enable you to load necessary files and your games on the speedy SSD and still have much space left for other things.


Keyboards and touchpads

Don’t Concentrate so much on specifications and forget the essence of keyboard quality. Remember that you will be pounding on the touchpad and those keys every time you are playing a game or surfing the web. Therefore, you want to have a comfortable time playing your game. You also want your gaming laptop to look great. I recommend buyers to buy a keyboard that allows for easy customisation and one that enables them to personalise backlighting because it seems cool.

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RAM and CPU Are the brains of the operation in every gaming laptop. The CPU deals with things that don’t have to do with graphics including controlling its non-payable characters. The CPU will also affect the performance of your browser and other non-gaming applications. You need to consider the following factors when selecting the RAM and CPU of your gaming laptop.

8GB is enough: I would advise you to avoid any gaming laptop that has RAM of less than 8GB. You can buy 16GB RAM to enjoy gaming better than ever before.

Clock speed is important: you need to consider clock speed when buying a CPU because high numbers will result in faster speeds.

Select at least 6th-Gen Core: the latest generation of CPU is the 7th Generation. It was launched in 2016. Therefore, I would recommend players to never go for anything less than 6th Generation CPUs.

Quad-Core is Ideal: you should buy quad-core rather than a dual-core when looking for Core i7 processors. When choosing Quad-core Core i& CPUs, always look out for suffixes ending with HK or HQ.



When Searching for a gaming laptop, the sound is as essential as the visuals. You need to hear that loud bang when playing your game. You might be having speakers to use most of the time, but sometimes you want to hear that loud bang from the speakers of your laptop. One of my favourites is the MSI-exclusive audio software because it provides quality surround sound in both speakers and headphones. It also offers several other handy presents such as voice clarification and bass boost software. You can try out one of the sound software that I have given, and your gaming experience will never be the same.

 CPU and RAM


You need to Know the amount of money you are willing to part with to get a gaming laptop of your choice. It is true that you get what you pay for. However, you might be surprised to know taht6 you can still get a good gaming laptop at just $100. Surprisingly, $100 will get you a 7th Generation Intel Core i7 CPU. I encourage you to shop around several shops that sell original gaming laptops to learn about various gaming laptops that fall within your budget.



Now that you have figured out your budget and considered other crucial things, you need to find the name of the gaming laptop you are buying. I will not push you to buy a specific brand name for your gaming laptop, but here are a few factors to consider about some well-known brands in the market.


Asus: the A brand has gaming laptops with a stealth fighter design, sleek and impressive set of features and specifications. However, it does not have various personalisation abilities.


Alienware: It is well-known for its unique spaceship design with distinctive lighting. It offers value for your money while providing high-end specifications. However, you will not have much room for personalisation.


Lenovo: they Are famous for their understated design. However, they have high-quality Features despite their plane look. You can purchase a Lenovo gaming laptop without breaking into the bank.


MSI: it is One of the most innovative companies on matters gaming laptops. It is well-known for its red-dragon-themed and hulking 17-inches. MSI offers gaming players with a mechanical keyboard that has a digital touchpad and four SSDs.


What to consider when buying gaming headsets

gaming headsetsA fast Processor and an excellent display are not all you require to enjoy gaming. The sound is equally essential for gamers who want to create an immersive experience. That means that you need acoustic equipment. I have realised that sound cards and other accessories influence the sound of a game and how thoroughly I enjoy gaming.

You require a specialised gaming headset or a great speaker system. Here are things I have compiled to help you get the excellent speaker system you need to enjoy gaming.


Buy a good microphone and surround sound

Gaming Headsets are made similar to regular headphones. The only difference is that headsets have integrated microphones. I enjoy playing multiplayer games, so I need to communicate clearly with my team members. That is why I invested in new headphones that use modern simulation technology to give satisfactory sound results.



Comfort is An important consideration when buying gaming headsets. The only way you can play for several hours at a go is by purchasing headsets that don’t have pressure points. How comfortable earphones will depend on the material used to make the ear cups and the weight of the headsets. The weight determines the clarity when wearing it. The ear cups material defines how the earphones will sit on your ears. You need to buy headsets that have soft ear cups and padding. I buy suede leather headsets because they are soft and offer the secure fit.


Options for connecting gaming headsets

I Differentiate gaming headsets depending on how they connect to my system. You can choose headset models such as standard jack, the wireless connection like Bluetooth, and USB connection, which have an integrated sound card. Wireless headsets are more comfortable as compared to the others because you don’t have to be tied to cables. That means you can freely move from one location to another.


Good speech quality

The major Difference between headphones and headsets is the microphone. You can learn about the speech quality offered by headsets by reading through customer reviews and test reports. I would recommend that you buy a headset that transmits your voice without disturbances, which means that it offers sound clarity. Choose earphones that provide the noise cancellation technology that prevents the microphone from creating extraneous noises.

Gaming keyboard features

Gaming Keyboards are an integral part of the gaming experience. I advise gamers not to get intimated by massive button collections, flashy colours, whistles and extra bells. Here are features I have provided that will help you buy a gaming keyboard with the right features.

Gaming keyboards: they are manufactured to offer gamers with the excellent gaming experience. The keyboard has mechanical switches to ensure optimal performance. You can also install additional software to offer extra features for easy usability.

Multimedia Keyboards: they have media options such as volume control. They are manufactured to offer simplicity, convenience and ease for gamers. Multimedia keyboards also have functions such as video controls and brightness control.

Virtual Keyboards: they are projected based keyboards. The virtual keyboards use wireless projections to produce a keyboard on a flat surface. Your fingers are tracked using optics and relayed as an input.

The gaming Laptop or gaming accessories that you purchase will depend on your tastes and preferences. However, with the tips I have provided, you will select the gaming laptop that will improve your gaming experience. Besides, it is essential for buyers to put into consideration the period of warranty offered by the manufacturer. I also recommend people to buy gaming laptops and accessories from reputable dealers to avoid being duped into buying low-quality equipment. I am sure you want to enjoy your gaming experience.

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