JVC HAF120W Gumy Headphones Review: Better Than Stock Earphones?

JVC HAF120W Gumy

The JVC HAF120W Gumy headphones are for those who are just as, if not more, excited about the headphones as they are about the new MP3 player. Yes, they load their player up with all their favorite music, but then they start looking for a headset to replace the cheap …

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10 Reasons to Host Your Website Using WordPress


WordPress is a popular CMS platform to create websites and blogs. But is that it? Not at all! WordPress started out as a regular blogging platform but is now used by more than 59.5% of all the websites using a Content Management System. It is SEO friendly which means search …

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Acer Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300

Gaming laptops have picked up the pace and gathering quite a crowd in the market. Stylish, packed with features and dominant performance, owning one of these beasts is becoming somewhat of a status symbol. Companies like ASUS have already made their mark with their ROG series. And it seems that …

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How to pick the best gaming laptop for a PRO Gamer

Portable gaming laptops

Gaming Laptops are a different beast than the typical notebooks due to their variance in prices, components, and colorful designs. You can enjoy playing games such as Wild Hunt, The Witcher, and Grand Theft Auto V by getting the most appropriate gaming laptop. You want to play your game with …

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HP 17-x116dx 17.3-Inches Intel Core i5 Laptop Review


If you are looking for an all-purpose notebook, you would be in for a treat with the HP 17-x116dx 17.3-Inches Intel Core i5 Laptop. It features the combination of gameplay and entertainment in a single well-built device, like any other HP flagship products. Having an excellent ergonomics and usability also …

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Tech Spotlight: Dell Inspiron i3567 – 2018 Full Review

While browsing the list of $500 laptops or window shopping in Staples Dell Inspiron rack, you stumbled upon Dell Inspiron i3567. You may start to wonder if this model is better than the other Dell machines released with the same lines and curves. The quick answer is yes; it might …

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motorcycle with headphones

motorcycle with headphones

The thrill of zipping through the countryside on a motorcycle is a feeling that can’t be compared to anything else, especially if you’re passionate about biking. If you love music, and the countryside gets lonely sometimes, then there’s something you can give serious thought to motorcycle headphones. There are headphones/earphones …

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What are the best surround sound wireless headphones

Razer Chimaera 5.1 Wireless Headset

How will you choose wireless surround sound headphones?   Sure, you could go in for noise cancellation headphones but if you are looking for some great music, you don’t just need bass and treble. Apart from that, you also need surround sound, which you could only get in a good …

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Why People choose the Best Turtle Beach Headset for gaming?

Beach Stealth 600

Premium gaming headsets are dime-a-dozen, and so are the manufacturers which produce them. But what makes a brand stand out from the competition? In the age of $9 billion e-Sports industry where professional gaming is taken very seriously, having a top-notch system can make all the difference in a kill …

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How to buy the best headphones for skiing?

headphones for skiing

Wondering what to look for in skiing headphones? Are you planning to jam your favorite tunes while shredding some powder? Many people love winters, especially since you can try out a good many winter sports. A favorite among all is skiing, and you could try it out too, no matter …

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