8 Tips in choosing the best Bluetooth headset for truck drivers

Truck drivers can pick calls from their fleet managers or even listen to music to stay alert with the help of good quality headsets. Bluetooth headsets are much better than the wired ones. Dangling cords can be a safety hazard while driving a truck. Once you have decided that you would be purchasing the best headphones for truckers, what should you look for?


truck driver wearing his headset

  1. Core design

Bluetooth headsets can be designed as in-ear designs or even in the form of headsets. The in-ear design might come with a single cable connecting the earbuds or as truly wireless designs featuring a pair of earbuds alone. The headsets feature an over the ear design. Others come with a supportive neckband with earplugs. The comfort of wearing headphones depends on the chosen design. Truly wireless earbuds are the latest trends in audio accessories.

  1. Weight

It would be a good idea to pick a pair of headphones that are light in weight. There are times when you might be wearing the headphones for hours without a break. Large ones can make you feel a strain on your head or ears. Indeed, wireless earbuds are some of the lightest options available. You’ll end up forgetting that you have your earphones on.

  1. Controls

Look for headphones that come with enough number of controls on them. Some come with a sleek remote that integrates the buttons to pause/play music or navigate forward and backward in the playlist. These buttons also double up as call answering and hanging up controls. Besides packing all the essential buttons in the design, the placement of the buttons should be considered. They should be easy to access when you are wearing headphones.

  1. Noise cancellation

Given that there is a lot of ambient noise that the truck drivers experience, choosing earphones with active noise cancellation is significant. This helps the driver drive in peace without all the external noise ringing in his ears or causing distractions. This can also improve the voice call experience.

  1. Clarity of the microphone

Besides audio clarity, the headphones should also possess a sensitive microphone. This makes sure that you will be able to place calls when you are driving successfully. The quality of the microphone determines the call quality as well. Noise-canceling microphones are available as well. Your voice would be audible to the listener even if the ambient noise levels are high.

  1. Battery life

Look for Bluetooth headsets that are designed with easy charging features. Shorter charging times coupled with longer battery life makes a pair of headphones a dependable choice for the truck drivers. This makes sure that you have a go-to pair of headphones which give you company all through your journey. Some wireless earbuds come with charging cases for carrying them. Therefore, they continue to charge when you store them while they are not in use.

  1. Build quality

Some Bluetooth headsets are suitable for outdoor use. These come with tough build quality as well. Therefore, you would have a rugged pair of headphones which you would not damage easily during accidental drops. There are waterproof designs which can be used in all weather conditions without worrying about water and dust damaging the electronics of the headphones.

  1. Integration of virtual assistant

There is one recent addition to the features of Bluetooth headphones that many users find to be beneficial, and that is the integration of voice assistant. There are Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers that come with voice assistant support. There might be a dedicated button to turn on the Voice assistant mode. Voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and others can be used to get things done without accessing the phone. While you are driving your truck, you would be able to use your voice commands to send text messages. You can even place calls without moving a finger and without having to look at your smartphone.

Choose those that come with the latest Bluetooth technology. It is also a good idea to stick with trusted brands. This assures you of enjoying state of the art features and the best after-sale customer service as well. By choosing the best sounding headsets listen to your favorite music and stay connected with your fleet management team and your loved ones without taking your eyes off the road. Consider the above parameters to resolve your confusions and to pick from the large pool of Bluetooth headset choices available for truck drivers.

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