AKG K 240 Review a Music to the Ears

Whether you are a professional music artist or a regular audiophile, headphones are essential in your gadget arsenal.

Most of us are always in search of that perfect pair of headphones, but that is a search that will never have a definitive end.

Companies are releasing different kinds of headphones every day, and not all of them will be to your liking. You need to understand what kind works best for your needs and then choose a model accordingly.

Semi-open headphones combine the best qualities of closed-back and open-back headphones. They do not allow a lot of sound leakage leading to more privacy while giving fantastic sound quality to the listeners.

AKG K240

AKG K 240 Headphones Review: What Would You Like?

If these headphones appeal to you, then you must take a look at AKG. They are very popular in the professional audio field globally, and their range of semi-open headphones is impressive. The AKG K 240 Headphones, in particular, is one of their best models. This pair is recommended by many experts who swear by this brand.

The upgrade from AKG K 240 Monitor gave birth to this new model with better dynamic range. If you want to know more about these headphones, then you should read our review.


Sound quality:

The K240 headphones stand out because of their fantastic audio quality. All the notes are detailed, and your music will hit a lot mids and highs with utmost clarity. You will absolutely love how vocals sound on these earphones. Even if your music hits a rather high note, the speed and detail resolution will be impeccable.

The semi-open nature of these headphones leads to great imaging, and the soundstage is flexible.

If you love bass, then you will be relieved to know that these headphones can even create a moderate amount of bass. It is softer and lacks the punch, but the overall effect is still not that bad. The headphones actually shine when you play genres like acoustic, classical and classic rock. You need to figure out the adjustment that you have to make to ensure that your favourite genre sounds good.


Noise Isolation:

If you are looking for an active noise cancelling feature and isolation, then these are not the headphones you need. While they are semi-open, they still allow for a lot of sound leakage that might disturb the people around you. Moreover, you will be exposed to all the ambient noises that will blend in with your music. While that does sound great, it is not for everybody.


The Build:

If you love all things retro, then you will love the design of the K240. It is simple but super functional. It comes with a removable mini-XLR cable that can prove to be convenient at times. These headphones are surprisingly reliable in spite of being such an old model.

The cable comes with strain reliefs which means more durability for the product. However, the headphones are completely made of plastic which can be a huge change if you have been using metal ones all this time.

All the adjustment mechanisms are made of plastic which leads to the question of breakability. You will find that the gimbals on the ear cups rotate without any hassle and are very smooth.

One good thing about the plastic build is that it makes the headphones very light.


Comfort level:

These headphones, contrary to popular perception, are actually very comfortable. Although the suspension head strap and the ear pads lack nice padding, they are lightweight and hug the head snugly.


Our Verdict:

If you are a loyalist of closed-back headphones, then you should stay away from this product. But, if you love the idea of open-back and semi-open headphones, then this pair is one of the very best.

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