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10 Reasons to Host Your Website Using WordPress

WordPress is a popular CMS platform to create websites and blogs. But is that it?

Not at all! WordPress started out as a regular blogging platform but is now used by more than 59.5% of all the websites using a Content Management System.

It is SEO friendly which means search engines rank websites that use WordPress above the ones which don’t. The popular CMS platform is simple for both, the website owners and the search engines.


JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS

Without coding knowledge, it may not be appropriate to use these languages to design a website. The solution? WordPress.

WordPress lets you build your own website with minimum or no coding involved. Many great ideas are often limited by unfamiliarity with programming.

Not anymore, WordPress offers its users a platform that requires no understanding of complicated codes to host websites like choosing the best WordPress hosting according to that talks about more in-depth with this topic.

Write Travelogues, build email lists, start blogging, grow an eCommerce business without worrying about the programming language.


Connect with WordPress

Your website is primarily used to connect with viewers or customers; the interaction is simplified further with WordPress. The visitors can interact with you by using their existing social media accounts avoiding the hassle of creating a new account.

And user interaction is key for any blog or eCommerce website to excel making WordPress all the more sensational.

Other than these, there are several factors why hosting a website using WordPress is worth it. Some of the main factors are discussed here.

wordpress hosting


Here is a look at the ten reasons that make using your WordPress site a great bet.


1. Open Source and Free.

WordPress does not charge you a single penny for hosting your website. Open source in non-technical terms is that you are free to make changes to their codes. Also, they don’t charge you for availing their services. There are paid services too, but they are not forcefully implied.


2. Slays other CMS Competitors

As mentioned, more than 59.5% of all the websites use WordPress as their CMS. According to, WordPress has a few worthy competitors with a maximum of 6% market shares owned by each of them.


3. Popular Amongst Top Dogs.

Leading businesses and organizations like Coca-Cola, Mozilla, Mashable, and Nasa make optimum use of this CMS. Popular bloggers around the globe use WordPress to publish posts and manage their websites.


4. Easy to Use and Customize.

WordPress is highly adaptable and easy to use. It is convenient to make changes to your website with a few clicks with practically no coding. It has no learning curve; users don’t need days to understand the working of this CMS.


5. Keeps Websites Updated and Fresh.

The WordPress team works dedicatedly to update your websites to the latest versions. The developers introduce new modifications to the existing source codes to improve your CMS experience.


6. Scheduled Posting Service.

With WordPress, you don’t need to worry about time. Merely create a schedule and add the relevant posts, the CMS will publish your posts automatically. With the settings edited and time interval selected WordPress distributes content at predetermined timings when you are busy.


7. Multiple User Access.

If the website requires different users to access it, WordPress offers multi-user websites too. It gives restricted access to users and complete access to the administrators. You can assign different levels of access to different people with the ‘WordPress Codex’ plugin. The multiple access levels are Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and subscriber.


8. Highly Capable of keeping Your Website Secure.

It is a fact that popular websites grab the attention of hackers. The developers take every step possible to protect the integrity and trust of WordPress users. The CMS offers a number of plugins, but risks come along with these plugins. Besides a secure interface, WordPress warns its users to not install plugins from sources that are not trusted.


9. Readily Available to Use.

From the moment you finish the installation, WordPress is available to use. No modification is required unless you want to control the theme. Other than additional plugins and themes of choice, everything you need is possible right from installation.


10. No Downtime with WordPress.

With different hosting providers, plans keep changing to better alternatives. Currently, several hosting providers are competing for customers to switch to their services. WordPress is used by all hosting providers and makes switching providers a piece of work.

With any CMS websites face a lot of downtimes when changing providers but WordPress is not just any CMS. You don’t have to keep your site unavailable for the visitors at any time.


Why Go with WordPress?

best wordpress hosting

If you’re still unsure, choosing to host a website with WordPress ensures users to attain maximum satisfaction. With its wide variety of features and efficient content management capabilities, WordPress is currently the leading CMS to host websites.

Renowned host providers use WordPress, some of them are,

Only buy a domain name from any valid host provider and select WordPress as the host to enjoy its premium services.

Going for WordPress hosting might just be one of the better things you will be doing. It’s time to get ready to start your online adventure.

Asus Gaming Laptop VS MSI Gaming Laptops – Which one wins?

With the influx of gaming laptops in the market, it is hard to decide which one is better.

Various factors contribute to making a gaming laptop better than the other. Moreover, your preferences, priorities, and budget play a vital role in helping you narrow down on one laptop.

With gaming laptops, you need to be more careful with the specifications, power, storage, and speed. However, certain features are a must in order to make these laptops acceptable for the users.

When it comes to Asus and MSI gaming laptops, it is a difficult choice. They are both endowed with some outstanding features that can woo the users.

Let’s go through the strengths and weaknesses of both the laptops to get a clear picture of the comparison and come to a verdict.



Asus Gaming Laptops Strengths

Asus Gaming LaptopsASUS gaming laptops today aim to storm the laptop gaming market. The sleek piece of machinery with its battle-hardened body and silent internals; personifies the stealth fighters. Every single feature of the laptops has been specially created so as to provide the best possible gaming experience to the user.

The major problem of excessive heating has been taken care of; with the help of the incredible dual fan system provided in this amazing machine. The intelligent thermal design ensures that the excessive heat is expelled out from the back of the laptop.

The laptop comes with stunning visuals and offers different screen sizes for you, with amazing anti glare screens to reduce strain on the eye.

Small intricate details which had been haunting gaming fanatics for years have been taken care of. The dual fan thermals in a number of models provide for optimum gaming experience for hours and hours. The laptops are a treat for the eye to look at and the stunning back lit keyboard keeps you wanting for more.

So, what is it that works with Asus gaming laptops? Here is a look at some of the things you will like.

★ The quality assurance of Asus gaming laptops is unbeatable. Having been endowed with several national and international awards, it is a brand that you can easily trust.
★ A strong motherboard is one of its outstanding features. Since they only made motherboards before jumping onto making laptops, they have a good experience in it. Therefore, their motherboards are of high quality.
★ With amazing specifications, like the powerful NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU, it has strong features at an affordable price.
★ Asus makes one of the most resistant gaming laptops with a VGA like ATI Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce. Hence it is ideal for gamers.
g752★ Asus gives a two-year warranty to its buyers. No other gaming laptop in the market gives a free warranty of more than a year.

Asus Gaming Laptops Weaknesses

Not everything works for Asus though. Here are few of the things that asus gaming laptops aren’t really known for.

★ Asus launches an upgrade of their products as often as one month so you might feel that your new laptop becomes outdated very soon.
★ The service centers are quite limited, so if your laptop is damaged, you need to wait in a long queue to get it fixed.
★ Asus does not provide a soft case or a bag with their laptops, so you have to buy one on your own.
★ There have been complaints of error touchpad and error hard drive in some of the gaming laptops of Asus.

MSI Laptops Strengths

MSI LaptopsMSI gaming laptops are more popular than ever today, and here are a few reason as to what works for them. Unlike Asus laptops, MSI laptops have always been the favorite among gamers. Sure, they weren’t as light before but still delivered good performance. Even today, the laptops are well built and can help stay out for a good many years without any worries.

Here are some of the things you would like about it.

★ You get free damage protection and accidental damage coverage if you register your laptop after purchasing it within 30 days. This is something that manufacturers rarely offer across the board.
★ All MSI laptops have an amazing set of specifications with cherry MX speed switches and a host of other programming features.
★ MSI gaming laptops have a sleek and solid design so that your laptop does not just work super fine but you also look good while gaming on it.
★ Offers a pretty vast lineup that even includes a convertible.
★ MSI gaming laptops take your gaming experience to the next level as they add a new level of immersion for all users. They consist of a fully programmable RGB keyboard, a delight in itself for all gamers.

Gaming Laptop

MSI Laptops Weaknesses

gt83vrThere are a few things that MSI can really focus on though. Here are a few of them.

★ Honestly, the tech support could be better. People have griped that the representatives of the brand do not themselves know about the software and the tech support is slow, not responding to queries and complaints even after several texts on Facebook. Also, the support agents have been reported to respond with insufficient and often incorrect answers, which is quite disappointing.
★ The MSI laptops could definitely offer more varied colors than just the plain old black and silver in 1 case.
★ While the laptop screams performance, users say that the design could be a bit more refined and flashier like the Asus versions.

Bottom line – Which Is Better?

Both Asus and MSI have their set of pros and cons. MSI laptops surely come with an impressive list of specifications and perks. MSI laptops are more sophisticated than Asus.

On the contrary, Asus is definitely a sturdy one with a strong motherboard so you can call it a rough and tough laptop. It really depends on your preferences and what feature you deem more important than the other.

While the choice is purely subjective, it can be said that both Asus and MSI can prove worthy picks for gaming laptops.


Tips for choosing the best motorcycle ear plugs

Motorcycle earplugs are a necessity if you are a regular rider. They are small in size but are just what you need when it comes to protecting your ears against hearing loss that results from exposure to the wind while riding.

In a study reported by Reuters, it was seen that earplugs were a good bet when it comes to reducing potential hearing loss. The study is especially important given the fact that motorcycle riders are more prone to hearing loss, if they do not take proper care, according to a paper published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

The best motorcycle ear plugs for you can not just help you listen to your favorite music but ensure a more comfortable ride as well. You wouldn’t want to go in for disposable ear plugs. Most studies have reported the same – they are difficult to maintain, are of poor quality and cannot really keep the sound away.

You need ear plugs that can stay put with you for a long time, and to make things easier for you, we bring to you the top things you need to look at when buying a motorcycle ear plug.

The Top Things to Do To Find the Right Motorcycle Ear Plug

So, let’s check out the topmost tips and tricks for choosing the best motorcycle earplugs!

Step 1- See That It Fits You Well

Fits You WellWhen buying a pair of earplugs, one of the most important things is the perfect fit. Otherwise, the effect would not be as good. They should be made of a soft foam or silicone material that is highly pliable to ensure that they don’t injure or damage your ear and you can wear them for extended periods comfortably.
In addition to that, it is recommended to try on a pair of earplugs before buying them in earnest so that you can rest assured about their utmost quality and fidelity.

Step 2- Check How Easy It Is to Maintain

Your plugs must not be very high maintenance. Realistically thinking, you will use your earplugs almost every day if you are a regular rider. In such scenario, it is necessary to have earplugs that can be maintained easily. You must make sure that you can clean them easily with any normal detergent.
Keeping your earplugs clean is important because it goes inside your ears and dirty ones can cause some ear infection or other damage. Therefore, you need to take off the dirt, dead skin or other unwanted things from your earplugs on a regular basis. So, go for easily washable earplugs that can be maintained easily.

Step 3- Does It Serve Your Purpose?

Easy It Is to MaintainOne of the most important thing when looking for the right motorcycle ear plugs is if they serve the purpose well. So, what is this purpose that you want to serve with the earplugs?
Firstly, they should be a pair of comfortable, foam earplugs that are also trustworthy and provide a great noise cancellation feature or protection from the noise. They should be able to eliminate the noise of the rushing wind, but you must be able to hear the traffic sounds loud and clear. The best motorcycle ear plugs usually have a built-in acoustic feature to help with the noise cancellation.

Step 4- Is It Comfortable To Your Ears?

The earplugs must not be too tight or too loose. You must make sure that it is comfortable to the ears and does not end up giving you extra pain. Moreover, you can always check the earplugs by cupping your hands around your ears while wearing the earplugs. If you feel a difference in the sound that you hear while you cup your hands and without it, then you must reconsider your choice of earplugs.
You must also make sure that your clothing or hair does not come in the way of the earplug. That also adds to the discomfort sometimes. Once you find the right earplug, you can stick with it for a long time.

Step 5- Does it interfere with any situational awareness around you?

interfereThe earplugs are meant to safeguard your ears against wind and noises that might cause hearing loss. However, it is also important that your earplugs do not cancel the traffic noise around you because that can be dangerous while you are riding a bike.

You need to hear the traffic and honking around you in order to ride your bike perfectly. Therefore, you must try out your earplugs in traffic and ensure that you hear all the important sounds. A perfect earplug would not interfere with any situational awareness around you.

Step 6- Does it cater to long distance travels?

An essential thing in a pair of earplugs, you would love one if you are a serious biker. You need earplugs that cater to long-distance travels and you do not experience any discomfort when wearing them for long periods of time.

If you travel on a daily basis by your bike, it makes it all the more important to assess the quality before jumping on with the purchase. Customer reviews usually help significantly in this regard to compare and distinguish between the different kinds of products.

Parting thoughts

If biking is your life and you own a motorcycle, it becomes crucial to own a pair of good-quality, loyal earplugs that do not leave you high and dry when you need a pair the most. We know how important ear protection is to a biker. If you are looking for a reliable pair, these tips and tricks will come in handy!

Looking to buy the righr ear plug? We hope you found these suggestions and recommendations, help you choose the right pair of earplugs for your next trip. Please do like and leave a comment if you found any of these tips helpful.